Learning During Pandemic: the Impact of COVID-19 on Education

Homework is often a point of contention among parents, educators, and even students. One researcher, for example, claims that homework causes stress for children and takes away from family time. On the other hand, some teachers believe that homework is essential to help students learn essential skills like problem solving and collaboration. So, which one is it?

Is homework good for you? Answering the vexed question

I know you are asking yourself whether homework is good or bad. As a student, you might see that as a bother, but we will answer you.

The answer is “YES”. Therefore, most people don’t know about homework because it can benefit students in many ways. Homework can be a real help to students if they know how to utilize it.

Let us look at some of how homework can help students—increase in time management. Homework can teach a student to manage the time that he has. Homework can be given out in advance so that a student can work on it in his own time and thus learn to manage his time.

Reasons homework is good

You might be wondering why homework is suitable for a student. But this is one way to help students remember what they are learning. Furthermore, it helps in grasping more ideas improving their performance.

So, here are the reasons homework is good for you:

  1. Reinforces a concept

It helps reinforce a concept that the student is learning. When you are doing homework, you will enable them to remember specific ideas that you didn’t understand during class time. Thus, you will remember it without any issues during an evaluation test.

  1. Homework helps you learn

One of the features of an excellent approach to learning is to “explain without being told.” Studying and working on homework problems, for instance, is a way for you to learn what you need to know.

  1. Homework helps you learn some essential skills

Homework helps enable you to learn essential life skills in the process. Yes! You might not have heard of that, but that’s the case. Some of the skills you will get by always doing your homework include:

  • It helps you practice and memorizes procedures. There are specific procedures you must follow when answering a question. Without practicing, you won’t have them at your fingertips. Therefore, when your teacher gives you an assignment, make sure you do it.
  • Additionally, homework is good as it enables you to manage time and work independently. Many students don’t understand these skills until after school. But when you know how to manage your time and work independently from school, it will never be an issue when you get a job.
  • Furthermore, doing your homework helps you have high concentration when performing a specific task. Also, it helps me learn how to communicate in both writing and speech.
  • Finally, it helps you do better in your course, ensuring that you excel in your studies.

Is homework good or bad?

Most experts agree that homework is good, or at least not bad. Some students have difficulty balancing their time for assignments with other activities. It is challenging to juggle the time you need to spend at school, on homework, and with family and friends.

At least one study has shown that children who do not do homework are likely to do worse on their tests than those who do.


Homework is a good thing if used appropriately. It can be helpful in a myriad of ways and can be especially useful in helping to keep your child motivated. It can help keep those critical basic skills sharp, and it’s an opportunity for children to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-life applications. By working through homework assignments and practicing the skills they learn in school, children will become more confident and more successful in the years to come.

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